Publication de L’hôpital en Asie du Sud. Politiques de santé, pratiques de soin, aux Editions de l’EHESS

L'ouvrage L'hôpital en Asie du Sud. Politiques de santé, pratiques de soin est disponible L'hôpital en Asie du SudPolitiques de santé, pratiques de soinÉtudes réunies par Clémence Jullien, Bertrand Lefebvre & Fabien ProvostRésuméL’hôpital est en crise. L’hôpital est en recomposition. L’hôpital doit s’ouvrir sur le reste du système de soins. Il doit resituer le patient …

Call for papers: Biomimicry

For more than twenty years, in a context marked by an ecological crisis, the idea has been developing that technological innovation and social organizations should « reconnect » with the living in order to better preserve the environment. This recent promotion of biomimicry should not, however, make us forget that many societies, past and present, identify in the observation of nature a source of inspiration to carry out very diverse projects. In order to better understand this diversity, it is interesting for Techniques&Culture to look at the variety of techniques used and the intentions at work in this type of operation.